AdmitOne Security (formerly BioPassword), delivering enterprise security software solutions for multifactor authentication using the biometric science of keystroke dynamics. Protects corporate and individual assets with a simple, yet powerful combination of the user’s standard login credentials (userID and password) with the behavioral biometric of keystroke dynamics (their unique typing rhythm).

Audiosocket is a boutique music licensing and technology company that gets music to whoever needs it. The pre-cleared music comes from bands and composers that create culturally relevant content. Audiosocket puts music in the hands of the people who need it, gives artists the opportunity to get their music the exposure it deserves, and provides high quality, highly-vetted content. Audiosocket is a next-generation content provider, and they thrive at the intersection of music and technology.

builders cloud long

BuildersCloud is a mobile solution for construction plan sharing and collaboration. The goal is to eliminate or minimize the need for paper plans and other physical documents in construction projects.

butter LONDON LLC is the cult phenomenom of the nail industry and is fast becoming famous for its high fashion, 3 Free (non-toxic) nail lacquers and revolutionary waterless nail services. butter LONDON products are formulated without the use of the harmful ingredients like Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP or Parabens. By transforming catwalk trends to custom nail colour palettes, butter LONDON has developed a passionate following among fashionistas.

DigitalScirroco is an auction-based marketplace bringing fresh and relevant content and services to Web-based properties. DigitalScirroco allows Web owners to bid on, buy and present content, including text, video, audio, other media and social-based services, meeting the objectives of their offerings, while optimizing visitor experience through real time selection and delivery, thus increasing visitor loyalty and driving operational objectives.

It is a highly dynamic social aggregator that collects your photos and those of your closest friends and family as you wish from all your social media and storage outlets, i.e., Facebook, Instagram, your computer, iPhone, emails, and the TXT/MMS message history of your phone. The result? Your personal social activity and that of your friends and family instantly appears and refreshes, enabling you to group and sub-group and save photos in ways that have meaning to you, with full integration of Facebook and Instagram.

OneBuild produces and distributes Systems-Built modular components to the residential and commercial construction markets. The company’s point of difference is its first-in-market technology and manufacturing processes that result in faster delivery, higher quality, and less cost when compared to traditional site-built construction. Systems-Built or modular manufacturing is an advanced form of construction in which a building is pre-built within an enclosed factory environment.

PhotoRocket enables you to share any number of photos to any number of people in an instant. Share to family and friends, post to Facebook (or other favorite sites), and archive your photos for safekeeping, all in one breathtakingly simply step.

Presage Biosciences is a leader in identifying clinically viable oncology drug combinations. They are dedicated to improving the cancer drug development process so that patients can receive the most effective treatment possible.

Reklaim is an environment-friendly technology that recovers valuable products and energy from scrap tire rubber. The company provides the Reklaim technology and a suite of services, including those related to siting and entitlements, design and construction, operations and maintenance, and sales and marketing. Their plant in Boardman, Oregon serves as the primary technology research and development center and embodies Reklaim’s green business philosphy.

Targeted Growth, Inc. (TGI) is a crop biotechnology company focused on developing products with enhanced yield and improved quality for the agriculture and energy industries. TGI believes its technologies will become increasingly valuable in the future as the worldwide demand for food and energy crops continues to increase. Genetically.

Verdiem provides enterprise software solutions to reduce energy consumption of PC networks. Its SURVEYOR software increases business profitability and sustainability by monitoring, measuring and managing IT energy use and related greenhouse gas emissions. The company’s relationships with technology and energy efficiency leaders help it to deliver best-in-class solutions to global businesses and individuals. Founded in 2001, Verdiem is a green IT company headquartered in Seattle with additional offices in the US and UK.

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